Fiksu drives scale and efficiency across client base with Appnique - Facebook and Instagram acquisition costs reduced by 25%

Enhancing Fiksu’s platform with non-device ID audience targeting

Fiksu is an award-winning mobile app marketing platform provider that helps global brands cost-effectively meet their campaign goals.
An expert in audience targeting across the mobile advertising ecosystem, Fiksu realized how Appnique’s unique unstructured data mining approach to finding high-quality audiences at scale could complement and enhance its targeting technology, which relies on device-ids, and help Fiksu deliver even better results for its client base.

We work with Appnique to augment our audience targeting on Facebook and Instagram, improving both scale and efficiency across our portfolio of clients. Appnique’s Intelligent Audience Targeting provides a unique, non-Device-ID-based layer of audience enrichment data that reveals valuable app audience affinities.

Eric Puterbaugh, VP of Business Development, Fiksu

Audience research in minutes not hours

Before using Appnique, Fiksu’s client development team spent many hours doing manual audience research with Facebook’s audience insights tool and other data sources.
With Appnique, audience intelligence is delivered with a push of a button from a powerful set of algorithms. This intelligence can be directly used to build high-affinity Facebook and Instagram audiences, saving hours of precious campaign time and yielding impressive results.

A unique approach to audience targeting delivers real-world results for Fiksu’s clients

In contrast to requiring device-IDs or other personalized data points, Appnique’s Intelligent Targeting Technology mines unstructured data sources to uncover hidden affinity signals. Data sources include, app stores, curated web sites, social networks and Appnique’s brand database. These signals are then translated into keywords and mapped to Facebook and Instagram interests.
This process finds new audiences that a device-ID approach would not uncover, enabling Fiksu to scale client campaigns and deliver conversions at a highly efficient price point—in some cases 25% less than using audiences built without Appnique technology. And because Appnique’s data sources are dynamic, new audiences can be constantly discovered.

In campaigns across a range of our clients, Appnique data has improved downstream metrics like cost per registration and cost per purchaser up to 25% when compared to non-audience campaigns

Eric Puterbaugh, VP of Business Development, Fiksu


  • Extend Fiksu’s audience targeting capabilities to deliver more scale and efficiency for Facebook and Instagram campaigns


Integrate Appnique’s Intelligent Targeting Technology with the Fiksu platform to:

  • Find high-quality net new audiences at scale across Fiksu client base with Appnique’s unstructured data mining technology
  • Reduce acquisition costs
  • Deliver ongoing stream of new high-affinity targets without the need for personalized data


  • Appnique’s Intelligent Targeting Technology has been used by a dozen or more of Fiksu’s premier clients
  • Fiksu’s clients have improved cost per registration and cost per purchaser by up to 25%
  • Dramatically reduced audience research and build time for Fiksu’s client development team

Why Appnique

  • Unique Intelligent Audience Targeting Technology that augments Fiksu’s device-ID approach to finding high-value, net new audience segments
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