Vegas World - Driving more App downloads

Flowplay Drives More High-Quality Users at 50% Lower Cost

Flowplay is a developer of browser-based virtual world technology and multi-platform games such as Vegas World and ourWorld. Vegas World, is the first social casino MMORPG that engages players with fun casino games including over 25 Slots, Hot Tub Poker, Bingo, Solitaire, Multiplayer Blackjack, and Social Video Poker.

“We’ve run several paid campaigns for Vegas World, using Appnique’s managed UA service. We were able to drive lower CPIs and higher engagement, while eliminating lower performing channels. We also were able to use our existing analytics SDKs and tools and got total transparency on pricing and performance. I did not have to worry about lower performing incentivized installs being blended in to artificially decrease the reported CPI.”

Derrick Morton, CEO, Flowplay


The Challenge

Flowplay needed to complement their organic user acquisition strategy with paid campaigns. While they had been successful in using Appnique’s organic app store SEO (ASO) tools to drive their Vegas World app up the app store ranks, they wanted to accelerate the acquisition and retention of quality, engaged Vegas World users. They tried managing paid UA campaigns internally using various low cost ad networks; however, they found it challenging to obtain high quality users at reasonable cost-per-install levels.

They had clear metrics defined, including: increase the number of new installs, lower their cost-per-install (CPI), grow the number of players and resulting in-app purchase revenue, and improve their category ranking in casino games category.

The Solution

Flowplay engaged with Appnique to manage their paid UA campaigns, focused on driving Facebook mobile app installs. The managed service process for Facebook consisted of the following steps:

  • Conducted keyword analysis to identify missing keywords
  • Updated app metadata to include targeted keywords
  • Updated app screenshots to include keywords
  • Created effective ad banners that met FB specs and incorporated the appropriate target keywords
  • Developed text calls-to-action that incorporated the target keywords and value proposition of the app
  • Identified a variety of precise interests for targeted campaigns – these precise interests were related to the Vegas World app as well as to other apps that Appnique’s proprietary algorithms determined as being of interest to the Vegas World audience.
  • A/B testing for best performing combinations of ad banner, text calls-to-action and target group. Identified poorly performing combinations and eliminated them from the mix.
  • Managed bidding strategy for combinations that performed well and tracked both install and post-install metrics such as revenue and engagement to further optimize the campaign

The Results

As an Appnique customer, Flowplay has access to Appnique’s integrated reporting, where they can track the progress of app installs, CTR, Click to install ratio, and CPI savings percentage for each campaign Appnique runs. Additionally Flowplay tracked the reach, frequency, clicks, as well as total spend for each campaign, and when each campaign started and stopped. Over the course of running several multi-month campaigns on Facebook, Flowplay was able to achieve results which are dramatically better than the industry-standard benchmarks.

  • Campaign CTR: 2% (compared with an industry average of <0.5% for mobile app install ads on Facebook)
  • In-app Engagement: Performance improvements compared to other Casino Games – median session length was 4x that of the category.
  • Click to install ratio: 34.4%
  • CPI= >50% lower than comparable CPIs on various affiliate platforms for Social Slot Machine Casino games
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