MZ scales global user base for Mobile Strike - Intelligent targeting expands reach on Facebook

MZ, formerly Machine Zone, is a leader in real-time gaming with epic titles such as Game of War being played by millions of users around the globe.

The MZ marketing team were running Facebook app install campaigns for Mobile Strike, a newer title for the company, but were unsatisfied with the pace of growth.

To meet its ambitious growth targets MZ couldn’t just rely on its current user base or building ‘lookalike’ audiences in the Facebook platform–a more powerful solution was required.

Appnique’s tool is a quick and efficient way for us to expand our targeting set, extend reach and find non-obvious audience segments.

Jerome Turnbull, Senior Marketing Manager, MZ

Extending global reach with intelligent affinity targeting

The MZ team researched technology solutions to extend the reach of its Facebook campaigns and chose Appnique’s Intelligent Targeting Technology. This unique solution mines app store data, curated web sites, social networks and Appnique’s brand database for app affinity signals.

These signals are then translated into keywords and mapped to Facebook interests. This process results in a highly targeted audience at a scale that can’t be achieved by just using Facebook’s ad platform. And because Appnique’s data sources are dynamic, new audiences can be constantly discovered.

Power and transparency provides audience intelligence

The Appnique solution gives MZ full control of its audience selection process, in contrast to many ‘lookalike’ targeting options. MZ marketing managers can select which algorithms to use to build their audience segments and filter results to further hone in on their target.
This level of visibility gives them the ability to learn which factors contribute to campaign performance so that they can apply those learnings to other ad platforms and types of campaigns.

Appnique provides a unique, intuitive approach to audience extension we’ve yet to see elsewhere in the market.

Jerome Turnbull, Senior Marketing Manager, MZ


  • Drive global growth of new Mobile Strike app by finding net new audiences
  • Demonstrate positive ROI


  • Appnique Intelligent Targeting Technology for Facebook


  • Increased penetration in tier 1,2 and 3 target geos.
  • Extended non-duplicative reach to over 20 countries in six continents

Why Appnique

  • Unique audience targeting technology that extends reach at cost-efficient price point
  • Integration with Facebook ad manager
  • Full transparency into audience selection criteria
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