Shopping app developer meets daily install goal of 25,000 - Appnique technology and services deliver massive scale, efficiency and quality

Making great strides towards 10 million users

Here at Appnique we love a challenge, so when we were approached by a major app developer who needed to hit massive growth numbers, we were excited to help, and confident that we could meet their goals.

Our client’s app enables consumers to browse a wide range of weekly discount offers on groceries and other items, then redeem coupons after purchase by submitting a photo of their receipt.

Competing against players like Ibotta and RetailMeNot, good headway was being made acquiring new users in the highly sought-after demographic of older women, but help was needed to meet the aggressive  new growth targets set after being acquired by a large corporation.

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We’re proud to have achieved such high app install growth rates on Facebook with a combination of our Intelligent Audience Targeting Technology, and our many years of campaign expertise.

Jai Jaisimha, CEO and Founder, Appnique

Unleashing massive  scale on Facebook

Appnique’s campaign team uses our Intelligent Audience Targeting Technology to uncover a massive volume of high-quality net new targets on Facebook.

This unique solution mines unstructured data sources for affinity signals, including app stores, curated web sites, social networks and Appnique’s brand database. Millions of data points are stored and analyzed on a daily basis to constantly uncover new high-quality targets, avoiding the kind of audience saturation that occurs when relying solely on the Facebook platform.

appnique_screenshot_in_laptopAchieving aggressive growth and CPI goals in a tough competitive landscape requires more than just great targeting technology. Appnique campaign experts proactively manage bidding, ad creative and budget allocation to deliver stellar results–an increase in app installs on Facebook of 2400% over three consecutive quarters, and the numbers are still climbing.

Applying audience intelligence to AdWords and beyond

By using our Intelligent Audience Targeting Technology, our account team was able to monitor which Facebook interests and related keywords drove the best results, and apply that knowledge to build high-performance, high-volume campaigns on Google AdWords and AdColony.

The results so far have been impressive, with a predicted increase of app installs of over 500% within the first two quarters of 2016.

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Our unique targeting technology provides essential keyword intelligence for our account team, telling then which keywords to bid on via Google Adwords, and which publishers to target via AdColony—resulting in volume and efficiency across ad platforms.

Jai Jaisimha, CEO and Founder, Appnique


  • Reach 10 million new users
  • Hit daily target of 25,000 new installs
  • Scale Facebook, Adwords and AdColony campaigns, while maintaining CPA goals


  • Engage Appnique’s experts for full service campaign strategy, execution and optimization
  • Leverage Appnique’s Intelligent Audience Targeting Technology to:
    • Uncover a high volume of quality new Facebook targets
    • Apply high-affinity keyword intelligence to drive installs on Google Adwords and AdColony


  • Increased Facebook installs by over 2400% over a 9 month period
  • Increased non-Facebook installs by estimated 502% over one quarter
  • Hit daily target of 25,000 new registrations

Why Appnique

  • Unique audience targeting technology that extends reach at cost-efficient price point
  • Integration with Facebook ad manager
  • Full transparency into audience selection criteria
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