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Our precision targeting technology uncovers new segments of high affinity users so you can scale your Facebook app install campaign rapidly and efficiently.

Lookalike quality at scale
Facebook lookalike audiences perform well but are often quickly saturated or highly competitive. Go beyond lookalikes to uncover high affinity users with an appetite for your app.

No personalized data required
Because our system doesn’t require device id’s or other personally identifiable data, there’s no need to hand off customer files or integrate your systems with ours. That means you can be up and running fast without hassling your IT or operations team.

Real transparency
You should know who you’re targeting before you spend a dollar on your next app install campaign. We offer complete transparency so you can fine tune your targeting and avoid the dreaded “black box” solutions.

Ongoing source of new interests
The Facebook ecosystem is fast-moving and dynamic with new interest groups constantly being formed. Our technology will automatically uncover new interest groups for you, so you can keep expanding the reach of your campaigns.

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