Smart, precise interest targeting for Facebook app install campaigns

Find more high-affinity interest groups and scale your Facebook app install campaigns with precise interest targeting technology from Appnique.

Designed by a team of data scientists and advertising experts, our unique targeting technology is helping brands large and small achieve massive scale while increasing LTV and reducing CPI by 25% or more. Read our case studies to learn more.

Learn how we use smart, patent-pending algorithms to mine unstructured data sources, and help you quickly uncover your best targets in a sea of Facebook interests.

Learn what makes our technology different.

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Why it’s different

Real-world results
Our customers are using our unique interest targeting technology to drive scale, while routinely reducing CPI and raising LTV by 25% or more. Our built in machine-learning capabilities help ensure that audience selection is optimized to increase Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS). Read our case studies to learn more.

No personalized data required
Because our system doesn’t require device id’s or other personally identifiable data, there’s no need to hand off customer files or integrate your systems with ours. That means you can be up and running fast without hassling your IT or operations team. This unique approach to finding high-quality targets is increasingly important as the pool of unique identifiers shrinks.

Lookalike quality at scale
Facebook lookalike audiences perform well but are often quickly saturated or highly competitive. Our intelligent algorithms mine a wide range of dynamic data sources, including app stores, web data and our own brand intelligence database, and examine signals such as past behavior, interest in competitive apps and brand preferences to uncover high-affinity interest groups. The result–high-quality target segments at a scale often unattainable through lookalikes.

Ongoing source of new interests
The Facebook ecosystem is fast-moving and dynamic with new interest groups constantly being formed. Our technology will automatically uncover new interest groups for you, so you can keep expanding the reach of your campaigns.

Finding hidden gems
Our technology is great at uncovering non-obvious affinities, using complex algorithms to connect the dots between user behavior, intent, and interests. We apply our unique machine-learning capabilities across a vast array of unstructured data points to spot interest affinities that manual audience research may miss, helping you quickly achieve the scale you need to be successful.

Fast, smart audience research
Up until now, finding the right Facebook interest groups meant many ongoing hours of manual research, and even then you were never sure that you’d exploited all of the hundreds of thousands of interest opportunities. Appnique’s unique technology uncovers hidden interest affinities and can short cut many hours of manual research, enabling you to expand the reach of your campaigns and fast-track their success.

Real transparency
Unlike the ‘black box’ approach of lookalike audiences with Appnique, you can fine tune your targeting and see which affinity signals drive the best results. You can then apply that intelligence to further optimize your campaigns and transfer that knowledge to other platforms and campaign types.

Scale across other ad networks
The same smart technology that uncovers relevant Facebook interest groups can also be used to achieve scale and quality on other ad networks such as Pinterest, Vungle, and AdColony.

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