High-performance managed campaigns–scale and efficiency without the hassle

We combine years of app install advertising expertise with our unique Intelligent Audience Targeting Technology to produce stellar results for our clients. Over the past three years we have driven millions of quality app installs at highly efficient price points for clients with daily budgets ranging from $100-$100,000.

Learn more about the breadth of services that we offer and what makes us unique, then when you’re ready, book an online meeting with us to discuss how we can help you meet your UA goals.


Why work with Appnique?

Managing your own app install campaigns on Facebook and other platforms is not for the feint of heart. High-performing custom or lookalike audiences are quickly saturated and ‘black box’ audience-building technology makes it tough to understand what’s working and what isn’t. Combine that with the many hours spent doing manual audience research and day-to-day campaign management, and it’s easy to see why calling in the experts can be the best way to drive scale and efficiency.

Here are a few more reasons why we think it makes sense to put our experts and technology to work for you:

  • Real-world results – we’ve helped clients drive massive scale on Facebook and other ad platforms, achieve engagement rates 4 times higher and CPI rates 50% lower than those in their category. Check out our case studies to learn more.
  • Industry experts – our account managers live and breathe UA campaigns–that’s all they do and they’re great at it. They’ll  take the time to understand your campaign goals, your app, category and competition and apply their specialist knowledge to maximize your ROAS.
  • Unique targeting technology – we leverage our patent-pending Intelligent Audience Targeting Technology on your behalf to find high-value net new audiences for your campaigns. The ‘secret sauce’ that helps set us apart from the rest.


  • Boost your team’s capacity  – if you’re already having some success with your UA campaigns, our team can add scale and efficiency to your work by finding high-value, net new audiences that complement your efforts.
  • Get your paid UA campaigns on track – whether you’ve tried to run your own campaigns with less than stellar results, or simply don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to get started, we can help you drive results quickly and efficiently.
  • ‘Soup to nuts’ service – after we set goals and budget with you, we’ll take care of all of the campaign details including: audience research and segmentation, creative development & testing, bid management, reporting and optimization.
  • No SDKs or personalized data – because we mine unstructured data sources to find high-affinity targets for your campaigns, you won’t have to hand over files with device IDs or other personalized information to us, or install another SDK. Less hassle, no privacy concerns and fast results.
  • Access to live reports – see how your campaigns are doing at any time through our campaign reporting dashboard.

Book a meeting with us to discuss how our managed services team can help you meet your UA goals.

Appnique provides a unique, intuitive approach to audience extension we’ve yet to see elsewhere in the market.

Jerome Turnbull, Senior Marketing Manager, MZ

Learn how MZ expanded its global audience for Mobile Strike with Appnique.

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