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Get more of your best customers for less

With precise interest targeting for Facebook mobile app install campaigns

Learn how to scale your campaigns
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Learn advanced targeting strategies for your Facebook app install campaigns

And drive incremental scale

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Smart keyword discovery

Smart, high-volume keyword discovery

For Apple Search Ads and Google Adwords campaigns

Learn how to find relevant keywords
Managed campaigns

Higher ROAS, less stress

Let our experts and technology make the most of your ad dollars.

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What does Appnique do for app marketers?

We help you find more of your best customers on Facebook, Apple Search Ads, Google Play, and other ad platforms, while maximizing your ad spend. We do this through intelligent audience targeting technology that mines unstructured data sources for hidden affinity signals–without requiring device IDs or other personalized data.


Scale your Facebook UA campaigns with precise interest targeting

Go beyond lookalikes and get more of your best users, with unique technology that helps you quickly uncover high-affinity interest groups for your app install campaigns.


Scale your Apple Search Ads and Google Play campaigns

Use our Smart Keyword Discovery to find volumes of high-affinity keywords and get both scale and efficiency for your Apple and Google app install search campaigns.


High-performance Facebook campaigns, without the hassle

Put our experts and technology to work, and we’ll help you maximize ROAS. Join other Appnique customers who have increased LTV by 25% and reduced CPI by 20-50%.

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Learn how Fiksu is driving scale and reducing acquisition costs across multiple clients with Appnique’s Intelligent Audience Targeting Technology.
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MZ scales global user base for Mobile Strike. Appnique Intelligent Targeting Technology expands reach on Facebook.
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Shopping app developer meets daily install goal of 25,000. Appnique technology and services deliver massive scale, efficiency and quality.
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Advanced Targeting Strategies for Facebook App Install Campaigns



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