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Affinity-based audience targeting for more efficient user acquisition.
We transform big data from app stores into intelligence, segmentation and targeting to give marketers an edge.

We offer three ways to harness our proprietary technology

Self-Serve Segmentation & Insights

Build lookalike-style audience segments from any user base.

Tap into our audience engine with an easy-to-use suite of tools

Audience as a Service

We'll target and deliver high affinity audiences on your behalf.

Let us build the ideal unique audience for your campaigns using our proprietary technology.

Data Modeling

Harness Appnique's affinity engine with your own structed or unstructed data to increase performance.

Put our AI and Machine Learning technology to work on your own set of data.

Create a competitive advantage.

Actionable audience segmentation

Craft precise audience segments rooted in affinity and behavior, then target them across platforms.

Big data insights

Glean a deeper understanding of your target audience by mining behavioral data from app stores and the web. Apply those learnings to tailored experiences and enjoy exceptional performance.

Advanced audience modeling

Apply our audience engine to your own data set and uncover meaningful correlations to optimize targeting pre-click.

Tools and services to fit your objectives.

For startups and brands hoping to improve performance on Facebook, we offer a suite of self-serve tools with plans starting at just $99 / month!

Looking to save time and have confidence that you’re targeting the right audience from day 1? Sign up for our Audience-as-a-Service product and we’ll manage the details on your behalf.