About Appnique

We build Intelligent Audience Targeting Technology that helps app marketers like you, make the most of your ad spend and find more of your best customers on Facebook, Apple Search ads, Google Adwords, Instagram, Pinterest and other ad platforms.




We also offer full ad campaign management services that leverage our technology and expertise, so you can maximize ROAS and meet your growth targets with less stress and hassle.

Why Appnique?

The right tools

Our patent-pending technology delivers real-world results, and helps app marketers drive incremental scale while maintaining quality goals:

  • Scale and quality.  If you just rely on your ad platform for targeting, you’ll find that your best audiences are quickly saturated. We mine a wide range of dynamic data sources, including app stores, web data and our own brand intelligence database to constantly uncover more of your best targets, and drive incremental installs.
  • More high-value customers. Our intelligent algorithms use a wide range of affinity signals to find the targets most likely to become your best customers. And this means higher LTV–up to 25% in some cases.
  • Dramatic cost savings. Our customers routinely reduce CPI by 50-75% by using our technology to pinpoint their best targets. Our built in machine-learning capabilities help ensure that audience selection is optimized to increase Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS).
  • No personalized data required. You don’t need to hand over any customer data or integrate your systems with ours, so we can help you quickly meet your acquisition goals without hassling your IT or operations team.
  • Real transparency. Unlike the ‘black box’ approach of lookalike audience builders, with Appnique, you’re in control of how your audience is built. We show you the results of each of our intelligent algorithms so you can hand pick the segments that best match your campaign goals, and monitor relative performance. This transparency enables you to apply what you’ve learned to optimize campaigns on other ad platforms.


The right team

We’ve assembled a team of industry veterans that includes data scientists and advertising experts to help you meet your customer acquisition goals. Meet our executive team:

Jai Jaisimha, Ph.D.  CEO & Founder
Jai is an expert in mobile analytics, advertising and app development. Before starting Appnique, Jai founded Open Mobile Solutions, a business marketplace for mobile applications. Throughout his 20+ year career, Jai held a variety of executive roles in the mobile industry, including VP of Mobile Platforms at AOL, VP Engineering at Medio Systems, as well as senior engineering management roles at Microsoft and RealNetworks. Jai holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington.

Aloke Gupta, Ph.D.  CTO
Aloke is an analytics and business intelligence guru. He came to Appnique from HP, where he built and led the Analytics Team for tracking and growing a 100M+ business. Over his 2 decade career with HP, he incubated numerous initiatives and grew teams from the ground up in the areas of display technologies, publishing, and software performance optimization. Aloke has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Kim Carlson VP Revenue
Kim is a sales management executive, with a 20+ year track record of top performance with mobile, internet and technology companies. Kim joined Appnique in early 2015 to lead sales and customer success efforts. Before joining Appnique, Kim was CRO at Taptica, a mobile DSP, which sold to Marimedia in October 2014. In 2011 Kim was the first Head of Performance Sales, North America for InMobi. Throughout her 20+ year career, Kim held various sales and sales executive roles at various companies, including Infospace and Marchex. Her early career began in the Television ad sales space.

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