If you’re a Facebook Marketing Partner or digital marketing agency and run app install campaigns for your clients, our technology and expertise can help you drive incremental scale and revenue.  Whether you have your own technology platform, offer managed services, or provide a combination of both, our solutions will help you add value to your clients, and give your business a competitive edge.

What we help you do

Scale your Facebook campaigns with

precise interest targeting

Quickly discover a volume of Facebook precise interests with high affinity to your clients’ apps—without requiring IDFAs or other personalized data. Our Intelligent Audience Targeting Technology delivers value throughout an app’s life cycle, enabling you to:

  • Execute smarter launches—Hone in on the right audience for your clients’ apps, even when you don’t have customer data to build lookalike audiences. Our patent-pending technology uncovers high-affinity interests by analyzing a broad range of competitive and related apps. This saves you lots of trial and error, and helps you quickly provide results and valuable insight to your clients.
  • Grow faster—Most apps have a limited lifespan. Add our audience discovery tool to your arsenal, and help your clients rapidly scale their user base and capture market share. Complementary to Facebook lookalikes and custom audiences, our solution finds incremental targets at cost-efficient price points.
  • Scale beyond lookalikes—When your clients’ Facebook lookalike audiences are saturated, and CPIs are spiraling upwards, use our tools to quickly find a volume of non-obvious, high-affinity Facebook interests to target. The result—additional installs for your client, and incremental revenue for you.

Learn how our Intelligent Audience Targeting Technology works


Scale Apple Search Ads and Google Play campaigns with smart keyword discovery

Use our proven Smart Keyword Discovery technology to rapidly find thousands of high-affinity keywords for your clients’ Apple and Google Play search campaigns. Highlights of our solution include:

  • Thousands of high-affinity terms—Quickly find volumes of high-affinity keywords and jump-start your clients’ search campaigns. We analyze a broad range of related and competitive apps to uncover non-obvious terms, and provide ‘long-tail’ phrases, including misspellings.
  • Organic keyword discovery—Find the long list of keywords already driving traffic to your clients’ app store pages, and to the pages of their competitors and related apps.
  • High-performance keywords—Unlike other tools, our smart algorithms mine a broad range of dynamic data sources for keywords, and marry those terms with user action and conversion behavior. The resulting keyword suggestions are more likely to solicit action than terms simply scraped from app store pages.

Learn more about our Smart Keyword Discovery Tool.

“We work with Appnique to augment our audience targeting on Facebook and Instagram, improving both scale and efficiency across our portfolio of clients. Appnique’s Audience Optimization platform provides a unique, non-Device-ID-based layer of audience enrichment data that reveals valuable app audience affinities.”

Eric Puterbaugh, VP of Business Development, Fiksu.

How we can work together

There are different ways we can work together, depending on your business model and client needs. Choose to license our technology, or collaborate with us and we can build audiences or keywords lists for you.

If you’re ready to chat about how we can help you drive more revenue and add more value to your clients, please fill in the form below. Once you’ve submitted your details, you’ll be taken to a page where you can book a meeting with us at a time that suits you.

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