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Differentiate your offerings.
We integrate our Machine Learning and affinity graph with your data streams to create easy-to-launch audiences that drive a higher rate of conversions.
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For DSPs that want to differentiate offerings and increase performance, we offer a proven method rooted in Machine Learning and affinity mapping.

Better data

Rather than rely on a limited pool of apps, Appnique applies Machine Learning to map affinities across the entire app store ecosystem and considers multi-category and intra-category behavior.

Easy to launch

Supports industry standards for data sharing, cloud computing and targeting to keep operational overhead to a minimum.


Unique to your business

Based on a dynamic pool of device IDs in your bid logs, our affinity model exploits behavior patterns unique to your audience.

Harness big data from the app ecosystem

We’ve spent years refining Machine Learning to map affinities spanning the app store ecosystem. Now we’re offering a turn-key solution to innovative DSP partners.


DSPs aren’t dying, but they need to evolve.

Why choose Appnique MaaS over conventional data providers?

Our solution complements in-house machine learning, optimization and bidding engines to generate audiences that are specifically optimized to your technology and enhance your offering.

App Store affinity analysis covers ALL apps, not just a limited pool.

Based on dynamic pool of device IDs in your bid request stream so they never go stale.

Affinity analysis based on multi-category and intra-category behavior, not limited to single category usage.

Combines app store and auction stream to uncover powerful affinity signals and deliver superior performance.